Alexia Marie


Born and raised in Northern California, I grew up hiking the Tahoe National Forest! Despite growing up in the theatre dancing ballet for a local repertoire, I went to school and obtained my B.S.S in Management Information Systems. I served 12 years in the Air Force but, I missed the family feel of the theatre so I decided to pursue acting in tv and film in Sacramento California! I was lucky enough to receive my first acting job from Toni Staniewicz on a television show called Wives with Knives! I loved being on set, so I continued to actively pursue acting full time and in 2014 received a taft hartley voucher for a co-star role on Criminal Minds! It was a dream come true, and now I attend acting classes, casting director workshops, and networking groups with my fellow acting friends when I am not on set!

Acting Resume: AMwebsite.pdf

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